Hello, Heather:

Decided to drop you a line RE: Quasar (looks like she will be called “Q” for short).  She has a complete clean bill of health, no parasites internally or externally, no problems with organs! Must commend you on the CARE and environment you have!  Seen some “beauties” before, even from registered breeders!  Attached are a few photos….they are not the “Official Family Portrait”. Had to move quite quickly since “Q”, seems to be running on adrenaline! LOL

Will keep in touch & all the best

Kim & Joe

Hi Heather,

I hope you are well, I was just trolling around the web looking at Bengal kittens and thought of you and your beautiful Bengals.

We met and purchased a kitten from you in August 2009, he is a snow boy from Cold Kisses & Mecca.

His name is now Allister McAllister (aka Big Al) and I just wanted to say thank you so much for your part in making him……..he is a big lean boy at 16lbs and has a wonderful personality. He is very quick and smart (opening up doors and cupboards so he can snack at will). He loves to play play play and his favorite game is fetch.

He has an older Bengal “brother” who is only 10lbs but they get along well and Allister is a gentle giant as he could cause someone a lot of hurt with his strong body and huge paws/nails. He does not like to be handled so we can not trim his nails but he will come for pets and kisses and he has been known to snuggle up in bed with us once in awhile. He is a doll and we love him dearly so Thank you again and attached is one of my fave photos of him.

All the best,


Hi Heather,

Just so you know he’s doing just great!! He’s playing fetch, and he’s  an absolute cuddler!! He’s doing wonderful and we can see the great amount of time and effort you put into your cats!! It shows daily with our little guys temperament and attitude, he’s a softy!


Mike & Allie

Hello Heather!

Thank you again so much for our special little girl. It was lovely meeting your daughters and grandbaby last night!

So, I would like to give you the first update and photo!

The first night went well. She is still a little uncertain of her surroundings, but has been keen to check things out. She has a good appetite – some of her dry food is gone already, and she very much enjoyed her wet food this AM! (complete with a pinch of the probiotic). She is even using the litter box! YAY! It was lots of fun to play with her last night, as she chased her toys around.

We’ve put a bed under a chair for her (since she was keen to nap there), and she seems quite content with the location. It’s next to her favourite new discovery – the air vent! Not sure why she likes it so much, but she enjoys sticking her head over it when the air blows.

The family adores her! Little Remington seems to be doing quite well so far. Oh yes, we have named her Remington!

Thank you again! Please enjoy these photos J


Hi Heather,

Hope you and your family are all doing very well !!!

Your daughter was in labour the day we came to pick up Cold Kisses…. your grandbaby is just over 6 months old now….he/she must be quite a cuty pie!

I thought I would send you some pictures and give you an update on Cold Kisses (we call her Kisses or Misses Kisses) We love her so much!!! She has fit into our family so perfectly and Caramel has a best friend as I hoped !

They play and sleep together all the time.  It is quite sweet to see and we are so happy.  They keep us smiling and laughing all the time.

Here are a couple pictures of the two together.  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family & friends!!

take care,   Slava

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