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The beautiful and exotic Bengal cat should have the disposition of a loving domestic house cat and the markings and look of the wild Asian leopard cat.  They should have a sound temperament and a very very inquisitive nature.  They’re very family oriented and love their people. Bengal cat has a very distinct and unusual voice and they do love to use it.  Their vocals do have many different sounds that they are capable of making.  You may hear such sound as tweets, chirps and yawls.

Creatures of habit they’re capable of fitting into just about any situation.  I like to meet with potential adopters and find the perfect kitten that will suit their situation.  Just like people, Bengals personalities can vary one from another.

Life will never be the same no doubt with a new Bengal in your home.  You will have many years of companionship, loyalty, laughter and entertainment.

Coat and colour

The Bengal cat comes in many different colours. We here at I.C.Spots Bengals work only with two colours.  Both the traditional brown and the lynx or Snow Leopard are the colours that we concentrate on here.  Our Breeding program has only one direction and one goal.  This is to move forward with the further development of the Bengal Breed and to stay at the Forefront providing the best the Breed has to offer.  We promise that even our Pet Quality Bengal kittens will be a fine example of this fabulous Breed.  Your Bengal cat will have a unique and soft silky pelt.  For the most part all of the kittens born here are highly Rosetted with beautiful contrast.  The Bengal coat sheds minimally and is a wonderful alternative to people who have allergies to cats.


If you do have allergies to cats we recommend that you phone ahead and make an appointment and we can arrange to have you meet a kitten in an and isolated area.


When it’s at all possible we would ask you to make an appointment so that we can meet with you and get to know each other and your needs better. Our cattery is always open for visitation and we welcome visitors throughout the week.  All of our Bengal kittens are SBT meaning studbook tradition, this means that they are at least four generations or more removed from the Asian leopard cat. Once we have decided on a kitten we go ahead with the paperwork.  Our Bengal kittens are not early Spay/Neuter but instead go home with the signed contract to be spayed or neutered at six months of age.

I am always available for support no matter how long you have had your Bengal cat.  We encourage you to contact us first if there are any questions about the health or behaviour of your Bengal cat.  We have been working with the Bengal cat For over 20 years now and are very proud of the support that we have given our adopting families if and when needed.


When you take your kitten home he/ will be sent with a baggie of probiotics and a syringe of dewormer. All of the instructions for using both of these items will be given to you both verbally by myself and on paper. Our  Bengal babies come with a two-year health guarantee against genetic defects and a lifetime of support and friendship.

Bringing a new kitten into a home with an existing female cat

Please read our PDF click here.

Food And Water

We at I.C.Spots Bengals believe superior nutrition. We feed our cats both Holistic Select chicken dry and holistic select chicken and turkey canned food.  We also provide a raw diet on location or if requested.  We support and recommend the raw food diet.

Our Bengal kittens have had nothing but fresh spring water all of their lives here at I.C.Spots. We recommend when the kitten goes home that you continue to offer your kitten fresh non-chlorinated water.


This is our Bengal Parker.  He is going to help me show you how easy it is to apply Soft Caps to the nails.  We do not support Declaw here at I.C.Spots but ask that you consider clipping the nails, using a very tall and irresistible scratching post or Soft Paws rather than Declaw.

Soft Paws or other cap brands may be purchased at your local Pet Store.

3 Beautifully Rosetted females available

Unity has a new beautiful litter with 4 girls and 1 boy. Boy 1 SOLD

Please book your pick up appointments starting 24-48 hrs after vet check :-). Allow 1 hour for your appointment!

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